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Our program is based on hard work to reach high performance and we want to partner with companies who share these same values. Brands who embody quality, tenacity and performance. Partnering with us allows you to reach a wide base of everyday equestrians in Western Canada and internationally. We have a large network in the equestrian community as well as a strong social media presence where we can share our genuine experience with your products. Our goal would be to live your product experience and share our experience with our equestrian network.             


 As each professional sponsor has unique advertising needs to support their brand, please contact Beda to set up your individual package.


The Wachter Horse arena is a busy place, with customers visiting from all over North America as well as internationally. As an arena sponsor we welcome you to promote your company with:


  • Your company's 4x8 banner placed in our arena for all our clients and visitors to consider

  • Your banner may also be included in photos and videos released by Wachter Horses.

  • A complementary Facebook boost on our Wachter Horses page

  • Your company profile, on our digital presence. 

Arena Sponsorship $1000 per year  (banner to be supplied by sponsor)


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