Wachter horses is proudly family owned and operated

Situated on over 1,200 acres located just east of Bowden, Alberta is where you will find our state of the art facility. The entire team at Wachter Horses works hard to ensure everything is operating to the highest standard and horses are exceptionally cared for. 

1200 ACRES








Monthly prices


  • Roomy 12 X 12 box stalls with automatic waterers

  • Shavings with soft stall mattresses

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • Individual care and feeding programs (3 feedings daily)

  • Daily turnout & blanketing


  • Pasture or paddock

  • Shelters, fresh water, daily checks and hay feedings



  • Large, covered outdoor stalls. 


  • Birth-1yr $250/mo*

  • 2yrs $300/mo*

  • 3yrs $350/mo*

  • Premium facility for raising young stock 

  • Individual care and feeding programs (3 feedings daily)​

* All board includes arena use, GST excl, Inquire for stallion accommodations. Turn out weather permitting.



There comes a time in every horse owners life where we must make the choice to retire our horse. Every horseperson wants to ensure that these old friends retire to the best life possible, as a way of thanking them for their years of service. Wachter Horses offers a full circle retirement program to insure a safe and quality environment for your equine partner.

All programs include


  • Introduction evaluation and health check

  • Daily paddock checks & safe fencing

  • Retirement program overseen by qualified staff

  • Up to 30 acres of grass paddocks, shelters and auto waterer

  • Only top quality feed, minerals and hay

  • Biannual vet check ups (cost additional) 

  • Regular deworming and farrier servicing (cost additional)

Pasture Retirement  $250 per month

$2500 annually, pre-pay and receive 2 months free 


  • Your horse will be evaluated and introduced with horses that have similar needs in regards to health and temperment. 

  • Premium grass & hay fed 

Outdoor stall   $450 per month 


  • For the horse with special needs 

  • Individual paddock with outdoor stall

  • Hay fed with supplements if needed (cost additional)


Snowbird Package $1500 per 6 month


  • For the summer rider that is looking for an affordable option to winter board we offer a 6 month winter board package.

  • Pasture board with hay feed in the winter

  • Your horse will be placed with horses that have similar needs in regards to health and temperment


Have a stallion to retire? Ask about our stallion package.     



Import & Export quarantine for geldings, mares and stallions. Our approved quarantine facility has an indoor and outdoor board and turnout, a stock for safely collecting blood and CEM testing, test mares for import stallion, extra-large indoor or outdoor stalls and an on-site quarantine staff.

Gelding Package - $600


10 days board (as per requirements)
Hot walker included

2 vet assists ($25 per additional)


Mare Package - $1200


30 days board (as per requirements)
hot walker included

2 vet assists ($25 per additional)




Offering qualified and licenced hauling services to our clients. Our vehicles and trailers are regularly maintained and inspected for top safety. We offer hay water and fresh bedding for every trip. We arrange lay-overs for long hauls to ensure our horses are well rested. 



We  produce Orchard grass/Alfalfa mix, Rye grass/Alfalfa mix & Timothy in small square bales. Our bales average around 10-12% protein content. All of our small square bale production is stored inside large hay sheds ensuring a long term quality product.


Our hay is highly reputable with horse owners and stables throughout Alberta. Understanding the nutrient needs of performance horses we ensure quality product through: proper field husbandry, and adding nutrients into the soil regularly and proper storage.

We also offer round bales.

Small or large order flexibility


Pick up or delivery available.