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We  produce Orchard grass/Alfalfa mix, Rye grass/Alfalfa mix & Timothy in small square bales. Our bales average around 10-12% protein content. All of our small square bale production is stored inside large hay sheds ensuring a long term quality product.


Our hay is highly reputable with horse owners and stables throughout Alberta. Understanding the nutrient needs of performance horses we ensure quality product through: proper field husbandry, and adding nutrients into the soil regularly and proper storage.

We also offer round bales.

Small or large order flexibility


Pick up or delivery available. 


EQUINE MATRIX is the leading producer of the highest quality certified 100% organic functional mushroom powders that support immune health, sports performance, and recovery for horses, pets and people. Our dedicated team works relentlessly and passionately to bring the transforming benefits of our Organic Mushroom Powders to animals and their people around the world. Use code WACHTER for 5% off your order! 

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