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Horse Trade Program


Wachter Horses offers an exciting horse trade-in program where we will take your current horse, do a fair evaluation and give you that amount towards the purchase or lease of a new horse.

No more having to have to wait for months to sell yours before shopping. 


Quick, fun and simple.

At the moment, we will only accept warmblood types with current show results, and recent vettings into our trade-in program.

We have a great selection of horses for sale to choose from: hunters, performance jumpers to grand prix jumpers.  We can also help you purchase a horse locally or internationally.

Feel free to message us to learn more about it!

 echo & RENA


Ella traded Echo into Wachter Horses towards the purchase of WH Leyton. They are perfectly suited for each other and are going to be an exciting pair to watch! 

Quickly after, Echo was sold to his new loving owner Rena. Together they are excelling in the the show ring. 

 leYton & ella 


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