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Sold Horses

Wachter Horses is pleased to present quality horses for all levels and budgets.

We know all the horses we represent very well and believe in honest representation. The key to purchasing a great horses starts with making a good horse-rider match. Whether you’re looking for a young prospect or a seasoned top-level hunter/jumper, Wachter Horses will provide you with an accurate assessment and peace-of-mind to make an informed decision, bringing you one step closer to your dream horse. We are pleased to have been able to facilitate long term partners for the horses below. 


- We look forward to working with you - L&B

performance horses

Age: 2011 | Height: 16.3 | Color: Grey | Breed: Warmblood | Sex: G

This honest, athletic, comfortable gelding is a competitive 1.30-1.40m jumper/equitation horse. Kind and honest, he has the athleticism and work ethic to take a rider up the levels. This kind gelding is currently showing in Ocala, Florida. 

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Age: 2018 | Height: 16 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood | Sex: G

This versatile, sweet, and willing gelding can go any direction. A barn favourite, he is both sweet and eager to please. This gelding is currently competing at WEC in Ocala, Florida. 

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WH Lots of Niki

JPEG image 6.jpeg

Age: 2009 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: D 

Amazing, fun, athletic mare. Crosbita loves to win! A powerhouse in the 1.20m, she is junior/amateur safe and highly competitive. She loves and knows her job well, and is not intimidated by anything. A total sweetheart, she is the best friend you’ll ever have both in the ring and at home. 


Light in the bridle, no maintenance. No injuries or health issues.

WH Crosbita


Age: 2012 | Height: 17 | Color: Bay | Breed: Holsteiner  | Sex: G | Price: D

Fun, exciting jumper/equitation horse! Chin is at the top of his form and continues to excel in the 1.20m and 1.25m+ jumpers. Wonderful rhythm and a great horse to learn on. Start in the 1.0m and move your way up. This guy will be the best friend you ever have! This handsome guy is currently showing In Ocala, Florida. 

My Chin Chin


Age: 2017 | Height: 16 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood | Sex: M

Smooth, sweet, athletic mare. Lantana is a barn favourite. With a natural rhythm and her smooth gaits, this mare is ready to go any direction. 

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WH Lantana


Age: 2013 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Bay | Breed: Holsteiner  | Sex: M | Price: 

This sweet, scopey, competitive mare is a heart horse. Competitive in the 1.30-1.40m+ jumpers. A real talent, her desire to please makes this mare the real deal. This superstar is currently showing in Ocala, Florida. 

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WH Foxxy Cleopatra RC

Kate W - 2022 - RMSJ Mid-Summer Classic - Saturday - July 16th - Shea - 06400-ZF-2273-1786

Age: 2014 | Height: 14.1 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Pony  | Sex: M  | Price: A

Competitive, atheletic, bold pony jumper. Fancy loves to win! This super pony is ready to go! Competitive in the jumpers or could easily be a great eventing pony. No stop, fun, and a real pleaser, Fancy is ready to be your new best friend. This competitive pony is currently competing in Ocala, Florida. 


Kate W - 2022 - Rocky Mountain Classic 2  - Sunday - Aug 21 - Kiana - 04069-ZF-2273-17864-

Age: 2016 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Grey | Breed: Swedish Warmblood | Sex: M

2016 lovely Diarado mare (Diamant de Semilly)

Diana can go in any ring: brave, big stride, good lead change and beautiful. This one turns heads in and out of the ring. A real star ️! Located in WEC Ocala.

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Age: 2017 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Grey | Breed: Dutch Warmblood  | Sex: M |

Sweet. scopey, and smooth this Cornet Obolensky grand-daughter is started over fences and ready to go any direction! This talented mare is currently showing in Ocala, Florida. 

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Age: 2014| Height: 16.1+ | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Westphalian | Sex: M

Sweet, scopey and bold jumper. Chacatta has taken the show ring by storm, quickly moving up to the 1.20m in her first two years of showing. She is both careful and honest and is keen to learn. Chacatta has a great personality and is easy to handle around the barn and at shows.


Light in the bridle, no maintenance. No injuries or health issues.


This horse is extremely talented and has the ability, flexibility and attitude to take her rider in any direction as far as they would like to go! 

WH Chacatta


Age: 2015 | Height: 16.1+ | Color: Palomino| Breed: German Warmblood| Sex: G  | Price: C

Congratulations to the new partner of this awesome gelding! 



Age: 2014| Height: 16.1 | Color: Bay | Breed: Westphalian| Sex: G

Uphill, modern style imported Westphalian jumper. Extremely brave in the ring, he has shown up to 1.0m delivering impressive results in his first show season. Exciting prospect with scope and form for the big classes. He loves a challenge and has never met a jump he didn’t like. This horse has the agility and natural form to be very competitive.  His easy going personality around the barn paired with his confidence in the ring make him an all around horse.

WH Cornet


Age: 2011 | Height: 16.1 | Color: Bay | Breed: Holsteiner| Sex: M  | Price: C

A barn favourite, Dominica is happy to do her job.  Child/Adult and Jr/Amateur friendly, she has an easy rhythm and the versatility to do all three rings. A competitive hunter, she easily crosses into the jumpers and equitation classes. Friendly, kind and brave, with more whoa than go, she is adaptable to riders of all levels.

Dominica RC


Age: 2013 | Height: 16.1+ | Color: Dark Bay| Breed: Warmblood| Sex: G  | Price: D

Congratulations to the new owners of this talented gelding! 

Glendive II


Age: 6 | Height: 16.1+ | Color: Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood | Sex: G  | Price: B 

Lorenzo is a sweetheart who is junior/amateur friendly. He does his job well: bold to the fences he has shown up to 1.0m during the 2018-2019 season, his first show season. Talented enough for a junior or amateur to campaign successfully in both the hunter & jumper rings. With his willing attitude he will easily move into the higher divisions in any ring next season.  Easygoing with everything around the barn and at shows, paired with a super kind personality, this horse just wants to be everyone’s best friend.

Huge step, walks the lines, lovely gaits with a quality jump. 

WH Lorenzo

Lorenzo 4-Lynne.jpg

Age: 2006 | Height: 16.1 | Color: Bay | Breed: Holstiner  | Sex: G  | Price: B 

Sporty imported Holsteiner jumper gelding. He is the perfect junior/amateur partner who will show anyone around the 1.0-1.10M ring.  A favourite in the barn, sweet, kind, and has a bright personality. He is a competitive force in the jumper ring: he loves and knows his job well. He’s a tidy jumper who covers the ground and turns on a dime. He's a head turner with his chrome and dapples. 



Age: 2013 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Bay | Breed: CND Warmblood | Sex: G  | Price: C

An athletic type, Leyton is an honest, kind, brave gelding. Standing at 16.2 hh, he is a gelding that doesn't disappoint in behavior and performance. Leyton demonstrates good technique and is versatile proving to be a great competitor in the ring. Has had very successfully miles up to the 1.15m with a junior. Very kind personality and has a "nothing bothers me" attitude. 

WH Leyton


Age: 2006 | Height: 17.1 | Color: Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: G  | Price: A

Finn is a reliable, sweet natured, sound 17.1 hh bay gelding. Carries a good rhythm with a safe/comfortable jump and has been there and done it all! Shown to the upper levels of jumping there's not much this horse hasn't seen. If you're searching for an honest, safe, sound partner, Finn's your guy! He's happy to go to the show ring or teach a novice how to ride in a lesson program. 



Age: 2008| Height: 16.1 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Warmblood  | Sex: G | Price: A

Levi is ready to be someone's best friend. An easygoing fellow, he is brave to fences and always a willing partner. Suitable for a junior/amateur, he is excited to pursue a career in any ring. 



Age: 2007| Height: 16.2 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: B 

Lia shows in the 3’0 hunters with an amateur and is consistently in the ribbons both in Alberta and BC.  She is a very safe hunter that is the perfect confidence builder for a junior wanting to move into the 2’9-3’0 divisions or an amateur looking to have fun. She has no spook, the sweetest disposition and will never hold a grudge. During Lia’s first year showing she was the Jump Alberta Pre-Green reserve champion. She is easy to handle both around the barn and at show. 


Light in the bridle, natural hunter rhythm. No injuries or health issues.


This horse is a saint and has the ability and attitude to make her rider a competitive hunter!

Dangerous Liaisons

Lia derby.jpg

Age: 7 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: C 

This striking mare loves her job and is happy to learn and takes on new things easily. Moving up into the 1.10m this season, this horse has taken the BC and Alberta circuits by storm with many successes. She is bold and brave to fences while being scopey and careful at the jump. With all the talent and versatility, this young horse can easily go any direction.

This horse has the bloodlines and talent to be a competitor with a professional or junior/amateur in the higher levels of the sport in any ring.

WH Lexa


Age: 2017 | Height: 16 | Color: Chestnut | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: G  | Price: C 

Congratulations to the new owners of this talented gelding! 

More Info

WH Costco

costco 1.jpg

Age: 2011 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Palomino | Breed: Swedish WB  | Sex: M  | Price: B 

Flashy, eye-catching jumper mare. She is a mighty package that is green for her age , through no fault of her oen. She is loving learning how to be a showjumper. Bold to fences, this horse shows potential to be developed into a competitive hunter or jumper. With a good lead change and her comfortable way of going, she will be someone’s unicorn. 

Consistent in the bridle, no maintenance. No injuries or health issues.


Tess 2.jpg

Age: 14 | Height: 16.3 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Irish Sport Horse  | Sex: M  | Price: C 

Beautiful, quality, hunter/eq mare. A great teacher and perfect horse to gain confidence in the 3’-3’3 hunter/equitation classes with. A competitive hunter, she loves the derby ring and is always in the ribbons. With auto changes and a beautiful jump, she is a great junior/amateur horse. Easy to handle: she clips, baths, and loads easily. 

BP Mona Lisa


Age: 5 | Height: 16.1 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: A 

Sweet, brave and head-turning prospect. Luna has the athleticism and attitude to be competitive in any ring. A powerful, athletic package she is bold and confident to jumps. Extremely sweet, being junior/amateur friendly she is easy to handle both around the barn and at horse shows. 

Light in the bridle, no maintenance. No injuries or health issues

TW Pillow Talk 

Luna 1.jpg

Age: 2015 | Height: 16 | Color: Chestnut| Breed: American Sport Horse  | Sex: G  | Price: B

This gelding is going to be a star. He is ready to take the hunter ring by storm. After numerous successes in the hunter ring in California this February, he is heading into his first show season with the form and movement to make him a contender anywhere. Perfect for a junior/amateur or professional to bring along, his sweet temperament makes him a barn favorite on the ground and under-saddle.



Age: 17 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Oldenburg  | Sex: M  | Price: A 

The ultimate schoolmaster. A kind, safe, honest mare. Come with a highly successful show career, most recently competing at the 1.10m level this year. She loves her job and is happy to teach anyone the ropes, making her the ideal junior/amateur horse. Highly competitive in the ring, Cali gives her riders the confidence they need to succeed in the sport. Not mare-like, very easy to handle with a "been there" - "done that" attitude.



Age: 2016 | Height: 16.0 | Color: Grey| Breed: CDN Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: B

Lift is an up-and-coming bombshell. With her eye-catching good looks and easy way of going she is going to be a competitive force in any ring she takes on. An absolute sweetheart, she loves attention in all forms and is nice to handle. She is excited to make someone the perfect unicorn. 

WH Lift


Age: 7 | Height: 16.1 | Color: Bay | Breed: Canadian Warmblood  | Sex: M  | Price: A 

Brave, kind, and athletic mare. Quality breeding and a scopey jump ensure Lady will go far in any direction. Suited for any ring, she is versatile and scopey. Easy to handle, she wants to do her job well and is keen to learn and develop with her rider. 

More Info

WH Lady


Age: 2007 | Height: 16.1 | Color: Dark Bay | Breed: Belgium  | Sex: G | Price: A

This gelding has a super attitude and is happy to do his job. With an easygoing disposition and a big step, he would be suited to either the hunter or jumper ring. Brave to the jumps, he is easily suitable for a child/adult amateur or more.



Age: 2016 | Height: 16.2 | Color: Grey | Breed: Thoroughbred  | Sex: G | Price: A

This delightful soul is going to be someone’s best friend.  His way of going makes him competitive in the small hunters and his willingness to learn makes him suitable for juniors and amateurs.  House is starting to show this year, look for him in the baby hunters.

Bring Down the House



A.        Under $25,000 CDN

B.        $25,000 - $45,000

C.       $45,000 - $ 65,000

D.        $ 65,000 CDN +



Age: 12 | Height: 16 h | Color: Chestnut | Breed: German Sporthorse  | Sex: G

Safe, competitive, teaching jumper. Ricki is the ideal partner in the jumper ring. An easy keeper, he is the perfect companion willing to teach someone the ropes, help you move up, or make you competitive. With the perfect amount of blood, he loves his job and is super safe. He has a ton of show miles and will happily take someone up to 1.20m.  



WH Sales-57.jpg


2016  Gelding


WH Lovebug

2017 CWB Mare

WH Luciano x Atlantis III

Price: B

Catching Light.jpg

Catching Light

2016 Gelding


Fianchetto TF

2017 Gelding

Checkmate x Bearslittlewhiper

Price: B 


City Lights 

2017 Mare

 WH Carthago Sun III x WH Leader

Price: B


WH Lose Control

2017 Mare

 WH Luciano x WH Control

Price: B


WH Lantana

2017 Mare

 WH Luciano x Vantana D

Price: B


WH Sascarina

2017 Mare

 Salvatore x WH Cascarina

Price: B


WH Custom Made

2018 Mare

 Carthago Sun III x Okey Dokey

Price: A


WH Lost City

2018 Mare

 WH Luciano x Atlantis III

Price: B


WH Long Goodbye

2018 Gelding

 WH Luciano x WH Chacatta

Price: B


WH Lost All Control

2018 Gelding

 WH Luciano x WH Control

Price: B


WH Lexica

2018 Mare

 WH Luciano x Vantana D

Price: B

JPEG image 7.jpeg

WH Luca

2019 Gelding

 WH Luciano x WH Connie

Price: B


WH Lala

2019 Mare

 WH Luciano x Symphonie

Price: B

Horse Jump.jpg

WH Livvy

2020 Mare

 WH Luciano x Atlantis III 

Price: B



2019 Gelding

 WH Luciano x WH Tiniki W

Price: B


WH Lalanna

2020 mare

 WH Luciano x WH Conny

Price: B

Horse Jump.jpg

WH Lucky Lady

2020 Mare

WH Luciano x Cabriolet

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